When I’m done with the day’s work, I venture into civilization to eat. Often I end up at Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most popular market. I find it unpleasant because of pushy sellers yelling to get your attention. But the two roads along the market are home to some great restaurants.

Dim-Sum Restaurant Chinazentrum was mentioned in several Vienna Facebook groups I’m a member of as one of the city’s best dim sum places. Dim sum are small portions of Chinese food, often in the form of dumplings, but there are numerous shapes and varieties – steamed, fried, with shrimp, pork and vegetable fillings …

I love dim sum, but the offer in my hometown is sorely lacking, so I was excited about this! In the afternoon, the restaurant was still busy and most guests were Chinese.

The Chinese restaurants I’m used to might serve five varieties of dim sum at best, but Chinazentrum’s menu has five pages of dim sum. So there’s a fair chance you’ll get to taste your favorites as well as dim sum you’ve never tried before, such as the crunchy D33 (see photo above).

Four visits later I’m still happily eating my way through the list. There’s a special place in my heart for the D10 grilled pork bun. I appear to be in the majority here, as one day I saw an employee carrying three massive bags of them to the kitchen.


  • 5 portions of dim sum (around 18 €) make for a filling lunch
  • Address: Dim-Sum Restaurant Chinazentrum, Rechte Wienzeile 29, 1040 Wien


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