Venice on Saturday was

dozens of adorable tiny dogs,
women in summer dresses and men in jackets,
a particularly good cannolo (second in my life) from a random bakery,
vaporetto stopping at the other side of the Giardini where we discovered the house with the number 1 (it has something to do with the military),
calmness of Lido,
Mahler’s Third Symphony & Oliver Mandić’s “Smejem se, a plakao bih” (one of the most mindblowingly brilliant pop songs I’ve ever heard),
planning to steal a tea bag of Twinings from a bar at Arsenale next to the Greek lions and then forgetting about it,
walking around without any “obligations” (camera, phone — the photo above is old),
tagliatelle alla busara and carpaccio for lunch,
realizing that Venice actually smells really bad (something I stopped noticing years ago),
frantically scanning bookstores and regretting the limits of my Italian,
thinking that in less than a week I will be in London, skipping university,
and many other things.


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