i. What marked the day I took this photo the most was an almost philosophical contemplation on whether the hotel I spent that day at is cosmopolitan enough to be likable. They played Gotan Project in the lobby and elevators, but everything else from limited newspaper selection to some of the clientele left me thinking “Is this it?” It’s always surprised me that Ljubljana doesn’t have a single hotel offering the experience of the “old” city, old times. Zagreb’s Regent Esplanade and many other successful hotels around the world (think of Paris, George V …) provide it in spades and it makes for such great stories, stories that sell. On top of that, Ljubljana was very interesting in the past, so there’s plenty of material to go off of and you wouldn’t even have to fake anything unlike these new hotels.

ii. The weather has been rather schizophrenic; I keep leaving the house without an umbrella and regret it dearly an hour later. Once a year I have to get caught in the rain when I’m wearing a certain pair of gold sandals and I can only wonder why they haven’t fallen apart yet after all the inconveniences they’ve been through. 2 years ago it happened in Salzburg, in August. We were there to see a concert at the Festival and it started raining on our way to the Great Festival Hall (Großes Festspielhaus). Yesterday on the bus there was one of my favorite actresses (who I’d never seen offstage before) with pink flowers in her bag and out of the people who got off the bus at that stop she was the only one who had an umbrella. Somehow actors always manage to be elegant, even when forces of nature decide to tease lowly mortals with mischevious weather conspiracies.


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