When I lived in New York City in 2008 attending film school, I wrote a series of notes imagining my life in different cities. One of the most specific I ended up with was Zagreb; I knew exactly what I’d like to do if I lived there and this vision also influenced the idea of my dream apartment.

My Zagreb apartment would host parties at which I’d play Nino Rota. It would be decorated with bouquets of flowers from Cvjetni trg (Flower Square), red and orange tulips for winter, yellow and pink carnations for summer. I’d have a table for composing hand-written letters, a computer table, a rococo vanity table for make-up and a kitchen table above which I’d hang an enormous crystal chandelier. There would be a framed ad for Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicily with Monica Bellucci on a jet-black wall (only one, the rest would be cream white) and a brass menorah although I’m not Jewish.

Regarding location, I’ve tricked myself into believing I’d like to live in the very center of a city, but it would kill my habit of walking. In Ljubljana I often get off the bus one or two stops earlier and when the weather is good enough I only take the bus if I’m in a hurry. Considering I like walking and could live without public transportation, the best area to live in in Zagreb would be Gornji grad (Upper Town). It has one of the most special atmospheres I’ve encountered so far – it’s historically intriguing and incredibly tranquil.

My Zagabrian vision originally also included becoming a better cook, but it should be noted that out of all the ideas I’ve listed here, this is the one that’s least likely to ever become reality.

P.S. Comments on Cityfinity were closed last week, but I’ve enabled them back. Apologies for any inconvenience.


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  1. OMG – darling i love your new site – the whole layout and feel is sooo you!!! i truly admire your ability to write down your imagination in such vivid manners …. xx

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