Upon arriving to the seaside last week after not having set foot there in quite a while, I realized Crikvenica is the only place in the world that I consciously associate with particular smells. Olfaction-wise I’ve gotten so oblivious to my surroundings that I have trouble naming even one smell reminiscent of Ljubljana, New York or any other city, but Crikvenica is much different. Not only do I know exactly what to expect, I recognize it instantly, as soon as I get out of the car. I’m sure most of it is to blame on nostalgia – smells from your childhood stay etched in your mind and you wouldn’t forget them in a million years even if you never experienced them again.

The smells of Crikvenica are:

  • LAVENDER, whose smell is the most beautiful right after it’s been copiously watered to recover from heat in the evening.
  • GRILLED MEAT from neighboring terraces and gardens, a Croatian summer classic.
  • PINE TREES, never too pungent, the one I would like to embottle.
  • SEA, especially when you’re swimming.
  • DRY GRASS, because unless it threatens every living being with dehydration, you can’t call it a proper summer.


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  1. Kvarner ima vonjo po žajblu, rožmarinu in soli.
    Damlamica po dišečem marmorju.
    Istra po pinjah.
    Vonji so tisto kar ostane (ko si slep, gluh…pa še kaj);)

  2. Istre (še) ne poznam, žal, Dalmacija pa mi je morda prav zaradi tega marmorja kot pokrajina najbolj všeč. Split in Trogir, divota.

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