This is not a 2010 recap

by Eva


The end of 2010 rolled out so quickly (and hazily in the way only ends of the year can be hazy) that I had no time for introspections and retrospections. Therefore, I didn't determine which was my favorite city of the past year, nor my favorite travel. Can I say everything was my favorite?

- There's one thing I really yearned for this winter, but didn't make it happen: a trip to someplace warm. Before last December, winters in Ljubljana were always unpleasant, but not in an unbearable way like now.

- I took surprisingly few trains in 2010. Strange because taking trains was something I partly identified with (and enjoyed as long as the rides were not too dull).

- We didn't go to Venice in December either, but thankfully I know what Venice in December looks and feels like, so I'm not too sad.

- Dubrovnik (photo above) is where I'd like to be on January 1st 2011. It might have to do with the fact that I missed Venice - I think of Dubrovnik and Venice as sister cities because of their similar historical development (they were both independent states for the longest time, and it still shows).

- In regards to fashion: the place is really the best accessory there is.

- In regards to my "hometown": I'm as clueless as ever.

- I write considerably less in my moleskine than ever before, which means I keep most thoughts in my head. If I did New Year's resolutions, one of them would be to start writing things down more again.